Sludge is Biofuel

It is becoming more and more evident that we need to start recovering our nutrients.

  • Increasing eutrophication - Sewage sludge and manure must be recovered.
  • Phosphorous recycling is needed as rock phosphate is limited.
  • Global warming - Our energy production must depend on non fossil fuels.
    Biomass waste is universally available, non fossil and does not compete with food production.

An economically feasible and sustainable solution is to dry sewage sludge and manure, incinerate/gasify them, produce energy and convert the ashes to fertilizer. An energy efficient dryer is needed for this approach.

The aim of this project has been to show that an energy efficient dryer, the Outotec Biomass CLS Dryer, for sewage sludge and manure is ready for use in incineration processes to recover energy and phosphates.

The project is near completion and drying test results have been successful thus far. Long term testing (“sustained operation”) is still ongoing.