Carefully selected acquisitions are part of Outotec’s growth strategy. The aim is to increase sales, strengthen the company’s geographical position, acquire more expertise and resources, and complement Outotec’s technology and service offering.  

Acquired companies have to fit to Outotec’s strategy and vision. In addition, they have to fullfil tight financial criteria.

Latest acquisitions in brief

Year Companies acquired
2015 Kempe Engineering, Biomin, Kovit Engineering, Sinter Plant Services
2014 Republic Alternative Technologies, KALOGEO Anlagenbau GmbH
2013 Scanalyse
2012 Numcore, Demil Manutenção Industrial LtdaTME Group, Backfill Specialists
2011 Kiln Services Australia, Energy Products of Idaho, VPF, ASH DEC Umvelt
2010 LaroxMillteam, Ausmelt, Edmeston
2008 Auburn Group
2007 Chena