Outotec solutions for recycling and residues

Outotec offers technology solutions for smelting of various secondary and waste materials. Outotec has processes and equipment directly suited for secondary smelting. These include Ausmelt TSL, Kaldo, gas handling, and downstream metals recovery processes.

Secondary smelting - Boliden, Rönnskär, Sweden

Some present recycling applications and references:E-Waste and Copper Recycling Dowa, Japan

  • Copper scrap and e-Waste recycling (Outotec® Kaldo Furnace & Outotec® Ausmelt TSL)
  • Lead secondary materials (Outotec® Kaldo Furnace & Outotec® Ausmelt TSL)
  • Zinc residue materials (Outotec® Ausmelt TSL)
  • Bottom ashes from waste incineration (Outotec® Ausmelt TSL)
  • Spent potlining smelting (Outotec® Ausmelt TSL)
  • Energy recovery from residues and organic materials (CFB combustion and gasification)
  • Water recycling / Tailings management / Paste backfill
  • Mine water management
  • Slag cleaning with electric furnace or Outotec® Ausmelt TSL
  • System solutions for complex mixtures of non-renewable and renewable secondary materials, residues, sludges, etc.