Sulfuric acid plants

Outotec is the leading sulfuric acid plant designer with worldwide vast experience for any sulfuric acid plant project. For maximum sulfur-conversion efficiency, we offer a total concept for the sulfuric acid plant, incorporating waste-water treatment, dust, slag, heavy metals and scrubbing acid equipment.

Maaden sulfuric acid plant

With more than 650 plants installed worldwide, accounting for over one-third of the current entire global sulfuric acid capacity, Outotec truly is the global leader in sulfuric acid plant design and delivery. We offer vast experience for any acid plant project whether they are mini modular at 100 tonnes per day, or mega-sized ones at 5,000 tonnes or more per day, we are ready to help you realize your business needs. All of our solutions are focused on meeting your specific targets.

Our scope of services in the industry begins with feasibility studies and comprises lump sum turnkey installations with extensive technical support throughout the lifetime of your plant.

Whether your work involves off-gases from non-ferrous metallurgical processes such as the roasting of sulfidic ores to the combustion of elemental sulfur as well plants for special processes including thermal decomposition of sulfates and spent sulfuric acid, we are there to provide you with the latest processing technology you require. 

In addition, we also offer solutions for processes involving the production of liquid SO2 and SO3 as well as various concentrations of oleum and special high-grade sulfuric acid. 

Latest developments

We are constantly looking into developments that will make a sulfuric acid plant as sustainable as possible based on the given environmental conditions and regulations.

Outotec's new LUREC™ technology has been designed to handle off-gas and allows a direct conversion of strong SO2 gases. The operating window of SO2 concentration is well above 14%, ideally, it is up to 20-25%.

Additionally, Outotec offers systems for heat recovery. Our HEROS process recovers waste heat from the acid circulating system and produces low-pressure steam for process use or power generation. It has been a goal of our research and development to ensure a very flexible design so that HEROS can be easily fitted into an existing sulphuric acid plant as well as the one you are planning.