Optimized offering with large portfolio for tailings

Currently Tailings are a composite of all processing plants wastes and represent varieties of mineralogy with a wide range of particle sizes rheology, process water, excess reagents and spillage.

Parts of these streams are relatively easy to dewater while others may be extremely difficult to handle. As a composite they tend to behave more like the worst component.

Outotec offers a wide range of equipment and process knowhow for tailings thickening, filtration, roasting for further metals recovery and water recycling, with decades of databased knowledge of process solutions, operation support products and life cycle solutions.

Outotec also offers comprehensive tailings treatment solutions to the mining industry worldwide, for both landfill and backfill solutions. To complement our expertise in this area, we have recently acquired Backfill Specialists, a technical consulting and engineering company specialized in mine backfilling solutions in Australia.

Our services range reach from scoping studies through to full detailed plant and system design, EPC deliveries, commissioning, operation and Paste thickenermaintenance services.

Landfill and backfill technology

Outotec paste technology is a modern way to handle and store tailings from mine operations in a more environmentally sustainable way. Outotec solutions in this area consider both paste disposal for landfill and stabilized backfill to mine. Our bPaste plantackfill technology also handle traditional dry backfill solutions.


Tailing sand material from concentrator plants have to be handled with focus on both nature care and total life cycle costs. Outotec provides some major benefits in this area.

Backfill benefits

  • Using paste technology the tailings form a conical pile and do not need big ponds to be stored in. This means that the disposal area is much smaller compared to conventional tailing ponds and the danger of leakage is minimal.
  • Since the water from the tailings is efficiently recovered using paste technology, the water can be used over and over again. This makes the technology attractive especially in dry regions.
  • Outotec's paste technology makes it much easier to restore the landscape in a safe way after a mine is closed.


Landfill benefits

  • Minimized dam failure risk and overall dam costs
  • Direct water recovery
  • Minimized dedusting
  • Less footprint in nature
  • No or very little seepage
  • Applicable on all tailings
  • More efficient handling of fines
  • Simplifies future mine closure