Energy Products of Idaho LP

In December 2011 Outotec strengthend its portfolio of energy and environmental technologies by acquiring all interests in Energy Products of Idaho Limited Partnership (referred to as 'EPI') in Coeur d'Alene, the United States. EPI has pioneered in the area of biomass and difficult waste materials combustion and delivered over 100 renewable energy solutions.

The acquisition is expected to increase Outotec's sales by EUR 60-90 million annually, including synergies from stronger combined sales and service network. EPI's solutions can be marketed through Outotec's global network and various services can be offered to EPI's large existing base of installed technology. Furthermore, EPI serves as a platform for growing Outotec's energy and environmental technology business in the US market.  

EPI technologies complement Outotec's fluidized bed technology platform and strengthen Outotec's energy business.  EPI's proprietary fuel thermal oxidation and gasification technologies recover energy from various biomass and wastes such as fresh and used wood, agricultural waste, demolition waste, manure, waste paper, paper sludge, oil sludge, municipal waste and many other materials. EPI focuses on medium scale plants with a combustion capacity of up to 100 MW.

Energy Products of Idaho has nearly four decades of operating experience and more than 100 fluidized bed energy system installations. The company employs 70 persons in Idaho, USA and is expected to generate approximately EUR 40 million sales and EUR 8 million operating profit in 2011.

 Energy Products of Idaho is now Outotec

Contact information

Kent Pope - Director Business Development
Tel.: +1 208 765 1611

Ralf Decker - Director Thermal Processing
Tel.: +49 6171 9693 156