Data as a resource is not being used efficiently

Data alone has no value. Like the Earth’s mineral resources, data is only a valuable resource when it has been processed to enhance business and cultivate innovation.

While masses of data are produced by the industry every day, the lack of capabilities to refine the data remains the challenge. Often, the missing element is deep, embedded process understanding that takes into account the unique properties of the raw materials, the requirements of each process, and the customer focus.

Similar to refining ore, a combination of expertise and experience in processes, metallurgic science, and equipment is what gives you the edge. Generic analysis will only result in generic solutions. 

With Outotec's expert knowledge in refining data, you can take steps towards the plant of the future. The redefined plant of the future is based on the capability to measure, predict, and optimize entire processes.


Outotec Pretium Virtual Plant improves your productivity through digitalization

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