Outotec LevelSense

Level measurement that really works

Outotec LevelSenseTM is an accurate and robust solution for online slurry level measurement of a flotation cell. It doesn’t contain any moving parts, works even if contaminated and is very simple to install. The solution utilizes a technology called electrical impedance tomography (EIT), which enables imaging and measurement of media inside process tanks and pipes. based on conductivity distribution of the media. 

Outotec Level sense

Outotec LevelSenseTM accurate and low-maintenance flotation cell level measurement provides improved level control and thus leads to major benefits: 

  • Stable flotation process
  • Early reaction or prevention of froth collapses
  • Minimized operational costs 

Measurement is carried out by using a quick to install probe sensor system that is mounted on top of a Outotec Level senseflotation cell to penetrate the froth and slurry phases of the cell.. The accurate signal of the slurry-froth interface can be combined with Outotec CellStationTM, ProsconTM  or other plant process control systems for improved level control. 

In addition to accurate and high performance level measurement, LevelSense can furthermore be expanded with a powerful advanced analysis option of froth and slurry characteristics in combination with  Outotec ACTTM Advanced Process Control Applications for optimizing the grade and recovery of flotation cells and circuits.