Management of insider issues

The Board of Directors shall ensure that the company has proper policies governing the management of insider issues in place at all times. Such rules shall be in conformity with the European Union and Finnish laws and regulations and the Corporate Governance principles as well as the rules and guidelines of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd and the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (the FIN-FSA).

Outotec has determined in accordance with Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) that the members of the Board of Directors and Executive Board are the persons with the duty to publicly notify. In addition to persons with the duty to publicly notify, Outotec establishes separate project-specific insider lists for significant insider projects. An insider project refers to a specific arrangement, which is subject to confidential preparation, and, when realized, might have a significant effect on the prices of Outotec’s financial instruments.

Each Outotec employee and Outotec insider is personally responsible for not violating the applicable laws and regulations on inside information, nor Outotec insider rules.

Outotec observes a 30 days’ closed window prior to the publication of an interim report and financial statements. Outotec insiders, i.e. persons with the duty to publicly notify or employees working with interim reports and annual results, as well as any other persons so defined by the General Counsel, are prohibited from trading with Outotec financial instruments during the closed window.