President and ceo

Duties and responsibilities of the CEO

The CEO is responsible for managing and controlling the company’s business and day-to-day operations with the aim of securing significant, sustained increase in the value of the company for its shareholders. The CEO prepares matters for decision by the Board of Directors, develops Outotec in line with the targets agreed upon with the Board of Directors and ensures proper implementation of the decisions of the Board of Directors. It is further the duty of the CEO to ensure that Outotec's operations are in compliance with the laws and regulations applicable at the time. The CEO may have a deputy who will attend to the duties of the CEO in the event that the CEO is prevented from doing so him/herself. The CEO shall make his/her most important decisions in the Executive Board meetings, and such decisions shall be recorded in the minutes of these meetings.

On June 22, 2016, the Board of Directors of Outotec Oyj appointed Mr. Markku Teräsvasara, born in 1965 as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Outotec Oyj. Mr. Teräsvasara assumed the duties of CEO as of October 1, 2016. No deputy to CEO has been appointed.

Remuneration and service contract of CEO

Please find more information on CEO remuneration and service contract from the Remuneration page and our our Corporate Governance Statement.