In order to achieve our mission “sustainable use of Earth’s natural resources”, we intend to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of our operations, from our own business processes to the solutions we develop for our customers. Outotec has a fully integrated Quality, Environment, Health & Safety (QEHS) Management System at all its permanent and temporary business locations around the globe.

Integrated QEHS Management System

The QEHS Management System defines the principles and elements by which Outotec conducts its global business to protect its employees and stakeholders, the public, company property and the environment.

It provides the framework to develop, implement, monitor, review and continuously improve QEHS objectives, targets and performance standards to eliminate or minimize our exposure to operational risks to as low as reasonably practicable. The QEHS Management System applies to all Outotec's business locations, business units and functions, as well as all aspects of our global business processes.

Complementing the QEHS Management System with the Product Compliance Management process ensures that the plants, products and services that Outotec builds and delivers are safe and comply with statutory requirements, engineering standards and customer needs.

Outotec provides its customers full support for product development, project implementation, deliveries and services and ensures that its QEHS Management System is continuously improved to meet industry best practices.

QEHS is everybody’s responsibility at Outotec. Read our QEHS Policy.

QEHS Management System certificates

Outotec has reached global, third-party certification of its QEHS Management System and is part of an external certification program which includes surveillance audits of Outotec's current business locations as well as the certification of additional business locations each year.


ISO 14001 certificate

ISO 14001 certificate (Russian)

ISO 14001 certificate (Spanish)

ISO 50001 certificate

Health and Safety

ISO 45001 certificate

ISO 45001 certificate (Russian)

ISO 45001 certificate (Spanish)

Certificate SCCP


ISO 9001 certificate

ISO 9001 certificate (Russian)

ISO 9001 certificate (Spanish)

ISO 3834 certificate

ASME S and U certificate