QEHS policy

Outotec is a leading global provider of optimized solutions and life cycle services for minerals and metals, water, energy, and chemical processing. Outotec utilizes its experience and advanced process knowledge by providing plants, equipment and services based on proprietary technologies and works in close partnership with its stakeholders. We provide sustainable solutions balanced with social, economic and environmental responsibility.

Our vision is “We serve our customers with leading technologies, superior customer service and excellent execution”.

Our mission is “Sustainable use of Earth’s natural resources”. 

Sustainability is the core focus of our organization.  It is incorporated into all aspects of our business including supply chains, products and services, operations and maintenance, client processes and production as well as our interaction with global communities. 

Outotec has an integrated approach to manage the Quality, Environment Health and Safety (QEHS) aspects of its activities, products, services and operations.  This forms an essential part of Outotec Management System and provides efficient quality and business management, satisfying the needs of internal and external customers as well as the expectations of all other stakeholders. It ensures the integration of the QEHS system and requirements in the Outotec business processes.

The Outotec Management System provides the framework to develop, implement, monitor, communicate, update as appropriate and review objectives, targets and performance standards to eliminate or minimize our exposure to risks to as low as reasonably practicable.  Adequate resources are provided to ensure we achieve this goal.

As part of our commitment, Outotec shall:

  • Develop, implement, measure, monitor, review and continuously improve our business processes to ensure compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001; SCC** and ISO 50001 according to certification scope; and to ensure alignment with our strategic direction;

  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulation, standards and customer requirements (where applicable).  Where adequate laws do not exist, adopt and apply standards that reflect Outotec’s commitment to Quality, Environment, Health & Safety, product compliance and community expectations, according to Outotec Guiding Principles;

  • Whilst operating on a client site, Outotec reviews client´s policies and procedures and ensures compliance with Outotec requirements;

  • Establish measurable objectives, targets and milestones by which we can continuously monitor, communicate and update. With this we improve our QEHS performance;

  • Adhere to the principles of protection of the environment, sustainable resource use, climate change mitigation and adaption, protection of biodiversity and ecosystems and pollution prevention;

  • Demonstrate clear top management commitment, accountability and leadership for the effectiveness and promote continuous improvement with focus on risk-based thinking for the effectiveness and performance of our QEHS management including elimination of hazards and reduction of occupational Health & Safety risks; and support other relevant management roles to demonstrate their leadership as it applies to their area of responsibility;

  • Communicate and consult with employees and relevant stakeholders in the awareness, development and continuous improvement of our QEHS Management System;

  • Ensure employees, service providers and contractors have all adequate resources, information and training required to competently and safely perform their work and achieve environmental objectives and targets; and delivery quality conforming products and services;

  • Ensure all employees take reasonable steps to prevent incidents and illness through the application of risk management procedures;

  • Accurately identify, report, record and investigate work-related incidents and implement corrective and preventive actions;

  • Regularly communicate, review and continually improve the effectiveness of the QEHS Management System through a process of monitoring, auditing, analysis and innovation to ensure the prevention of work-related incidents and non-conforming products and services.

The display at our work locations and the publishing at www.outotec.com of this signed policy confirms Outotec commitment to making our workplaces leaders in QEHS management thus ensuring the achievement of corporate responsibility, statutory compliance, environmental awareness, enhanced sustainability, customer satisfaction and demonstrated due diligence.