R&D and innovation

Leading technologies are our core strength. We develop and deliver technologies that enable our customers to improve their profitability in a sustainable way. To stay at the forefront of the industry, we continuously develop our proprietary technologies and complement our in-house R&D with acquisitions and partnerships. In addition, we cooperate with universities, research institutes and customers in R&D.

Areas of expertise

  • Physical separation
  • Metallurgy of solid-state materials
  • Chemistry including pyro- and hydrometallurgy
  • Gas handling technologies
  • Dewatering technology

We also have extensive knowledge of material technology, plant and equipment engineering, equipment and process automation, and the implementation of large international projects.

Thanks to active IPR policy, Outotec has thousands of patents.

Research facilities

Outotec's three in-house research centers, state-of-the-art laboratories, and test facilities have made it possible that dozens of Outotec technologies are today industry benchmarks.

Research projects

Outotec actively participates in various R&D projects. Here are some examples of such projects and their results.