R&D and innovation

Outotec’s success is based on a strong portfolio of world-class technologies, robust expertise and innovative personnel. To stay at the forefront of the industry, Outotec continuously develops its proprietary technologies and complements its in-house R&D with acquisitions and partnerships. In addition, Outotec cooperates with universities, research institutes and customers in R&D.

Strive for sustainable solutions

Outotec strives to explore new applications for its technologies originally developed for the minerals and metals processing. Energy and industrial water treatment, in particular, offer significant and attractive growth opportunities. Both of these sectors require solutions for utilizing scarce raw materials in an efficient and environmentally sound way. 

Rising costs of energy and stringent legislation have led users to seek out energy efficient technologies. Water is also an increasingly scarce resource, and its efficient use, along with the recycling and purification processes, is a goal of steadily mounting importance in the industries served by Outotec.

Areas of expertise

  • Physical separation
  • Metallurgy of solid-state materials
  • Chemistry including pyro- and hydrometallurgy
  • Gas handling technologies
  • Dewatering technology

We also have extensive knowledge of material technology, plant and equipment engineering, equipment and process automation, and the implementation of large international projects.

Thanks to active IPR policy, Outotec has thousands of patents.

Research facilities

Outotec's three in-house research centers, state-of-the-art laboratories, and test facilities have made it possible that dozens of Outotec technologies are today industry benchmarks.