Research center in Frankfurt, Germany

Outotec's R & D center in Germany focuses on fluidized bed and sulfuric acid/off-gas technologies. Outotec performs various tests with customers' feed materials to demonstrate the performance of a particular application or raw material and to optimise the operating window. Process simulations (steady state & dynamic calculations) and mathematical modelling belong to our tools used in process development. The activities include improvement of proprietary and licensed processes, development of design and scale up criteria, plant scales and development of new processes.

Pilot scale equipment

Outotec is leading the way in fluid bed technologies with respect to variability and versatility, number of applications, throughputs and innovation. Fluidized bed technology is used in ferrous metals processing (direct reduction of iron ores), in calcination of alumina and other materials, as well as in roasting of zinc, gold ores and other materials. Outotec has been testing and developing all these applications. Results are verified through tests done in industrial plants.

Long record of successful cooperation and partnership with customers has resulted in many nowadays standard industrial processes such as alumina calcination and gold ore roasting in circulating fluid bed, bubbling bed application for zinc and pyrite roasting, double catalysis in sulfuric acid production, etc.

Areas of expertise

  • Fluidized bed technology
  • Ferrous (direct reduction) 
  • Calcination (alumina, other materials) 
  • Roasting (zinc, gold ores & other materials) 
  • Sulfuric acid and off-gas cleaning technology
  • Agglomeration technology

Key pilot scale equipment

* CFB = Circulating Fluidized Bed
** AFB = Annular Fluidized Bed

  • 50 mm FB
  • 80 mm CFB + AFB
  • 80 mm CFB 
  • 160 mm CFB* / AFB** 
  • 200 mm CFB* / AFB** 
  • 350 mm CFB (Circofer, 3 FB stages) 
  • 700 mm CFB* 
  • 750 mm AFB (Circotherm) 
  • 500 x 500 mm FB Hydrat Drier

Agglomeration facilities

  • Sintering
  • Green ball production 
  • Movable pot grate

Furnaces and reactors

  • Salvis rotary kilns
  • Short drum rotary kiln
  • Autoclave
  • Sulfur dioxide lab reactor

Material preparation & conditioning

  • Driers, mixers
  • Milling, sieving

Analytic & material characterization

  • DTA, BET, CILAS, XRF, XRD, LECO (total S & C)
  • Wet analytical technics