Outotec Technology Policy

Leading technologies are Outotec’s core strength. We develop technologies that provide the best return of investment for our customers and Outotec.

Our success is based on the expertise and innovativeness of our people, along with a strong portfolio of world-class technologies. Deep knowledge of minerals and metals processing, digital industrial applications and process engineering are our core competences that differentiate us from competitors.

Our technology development principles:

  • We are committed to sustainability to maximize resource efficiency in an economically viable way.
  • We continuously develop our technological capabilities.
  • We foster a strong innovation culture and reward our experts for innovations.
  • We share ideas, technological knowledge and practices with our colleagues to ensure future success.
  • We prioritize our R&D efforts to ensure a good balance between long-term research, new product development and continuous improvements.
  • We always maximize product life-cycle benefits for the customer and Outotec.
  • We productize our products and processes to secure commercial success.
  • We protect our proprietary products by an active IPR policy to achieve competitive edge.
  • We complement our in-house R&D through acquisitions and partnerships to meet customer and market needs and business requirements.
  • We collaborate on R&D with universities, research institutes, customers, and suppliers.

Outotec strategy, Technology Strategy and R&D Governance model guide the work to prioritize technology development initiatives, develop products, commercialize them and provide lifecycle solutions to customers according to our Manage and Develop Products and Technologies process.