Strategy - This is Outotec 2020

Outotec aims to serve its customers with leading technologies, superior customer service and excellent execution. The strategy for 2018-2020 builds on the mission ‘Sustainable use of Earth’s natural resources’.

This is Outotec 2020

Megatrends provide business opportunities

Outotec has identified that global megatrends urbanization, sustainability, resource efficiency, digitalization, and volatility affecting its business. Increasing urbanization of the world and subsequent need for resource efficiency and sustainability drive circular economy and provide significant growth opportunities for Outotec.

Global megatrends provide business opportunities as Outotec has solutions for example for the following:

  • Process efficiency improvements for the customers
  • Early involvement with customers to help them choose the best, sustainable technology
  • Water management
  • Solutions that support circular economy, e.g. secondary raw materials and tailings, effluent treatment, waste-to-energy
  • Increasing market share in China

Key business opportunities

Focus areas

Outotec’s business focuses on the entire value chain from ore to metals throughout the customers’ plant life cycle. The equipment and plant business is strongly complemented by an increasing share of services. To achieve its profitability and growth targets, Outotec has defined five development areas: customer focus, service business, product competitiveness, project excellence and its people.

Must-win battles