Outotec delivers large and complex solutions to the customers all over the world. Some 90% of our manufacturing is sourced from external suppliers. Our suppliers are typically mechanical workshops, component manufacturers and local construction and engineering companies. An increasing amount of sourcing takes place in the emerging markets, as many of Outotec's customer projects are located there.

Supplier criteria

We build long-term and fair relations with our suppliers and want to be an attractive business partner. Key criteria for Outotec in supplier selection are technical suitability, quality, reliability, cost competitiveness and compliance with Outotec Supplier Policy. The policy covers among other things principles of ethical conduct, compliance of laws and regulations, environment, health and safety, labor relations (e.g. no child or forced labor), intellectual property, and improper benefits.

We are continuously developing our own organization and optimizing our supply chain to reach top performance in our projects.

Our own manufacturing / assembly shops

Outotec operates three manufacturing workshops in Finland and assembly shops located in China, Brazil, the USA, and Canada, as well as spare parts and maintenance workshops in Mozambique, and Qatar.

Outotec supplier policy

May 2018

Outotec wants to be an attractive and sustainable business partner to its suppliers and strives for reliable and fair relations for the mutual benefit of both Outotec and the Supplier. 

Outotec operates globally in accordance with its clearly defined mission, vision and values – which are reflected in this Supplier Policy. Outotec expects its suppliers, including contractors, to always comply with this Supplier Policy in their dealings with Outotec, their own employees and suppliers, as well as any other parties, and in their dealings on Outotec’s behalf towards Outotec’s customers or any other parties. This Supplier Policy reflects the Outotec Code of Conduct.

1.  Responsible Business Practices

Supplier must be committed to internationally recognized good governance and ethical business practices in its business conduct in all areas. Supplier must respect and be committed to the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption, wherever it operates.

2.  Human Rights and Integrity in Working Community

Supplier must support and respect the protection of internationally declared human rights. Supplier must not tolerate or to try to benefit from any form of compulsory, forced or child labor or any other human rights violations, wherever it operates, and Supplier must expect the same from its suppliers, contractors, agents and other business partners. Supplier must treat its employees in a fair and equal manner regardless of their ethnic origin, nationality, religion, political views, gender, sexual orientation or age. Supplier must not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination. The Supplier must provide its employees and anyone working on its behalf generally acceptable working conditions and treat them with utmost integrity.

3.  Health and Safety

Supplier must be committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, contractors and others working for it. Supplier’s employees must know and follow the health and safety rules and procedures in their work area. Supplier’s managers must have the responsibility to ensure that employees and contractors participate in adequate training and are provided with necessary safety equipment. Supplier must have a health and safety management system in place following the principles of OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health- and Safety Assessment Series) or International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems - Requirements or similar standards.

4.  Anti-Corruption

Supplier must not, directly or indirectly, offer or give, promise, authorize or pay financial or other advantages, including facilitation payments, to agents, customers, suppliers, other business partners or governmental officials that could be considered to improperly influence decision making, anywhere in the world. Supplier must also not, directly or indirectly, request or accept such advantages. Any gifts or entertainment offered or accepted needs to support legitimate business interest and be in line with the law, this Supplier Policy and accepted local business practice. Cash gifts are never accepted.

5.  Conflict of Interest

Supplier must avoid all conflicts of interest while engaged with Outotec and its customers, and immediately report any potential or apparent conflict to Outotec. 

6. Export Control

Supplier must respect and commit to compliance with applicable export control regulations.

7.  Confidentiality and Intellectual Property

Supplier may receive from Outotec certain commercial, technical, financial and operational information and know-how relating to its business, facilities, products, techniques and processes or similar information (“Confidential Information”) during the course of the business relationship between Outotec and Supplier.  Supplier recognizes the proprietary and confidential nature of Confidential Information and accordingly undertakes to hold in strict confidence any Confidential Information disclosed to it by Outotec directly or indirectly, orally, in writing or in any other way as well as any knowledge based thereon, whether marked confidential or not, and shall take all reasonable precautions to prevent the same in whole or in part from reaching third parties. Supplier must conform to all applicable laws, regulations and international treaties on intellectual property and to refrain from infringing on either Outotec’s or any other party’s intellectual property rights in conducting its business, and always report without delay to Outotec any suspected intellectual property infringements relating to Outotec’s products, solutions or services. 

8. Fair Competition Practices

Supplier must compete fairly and follow all applicable competition laws and regulations wherever it operates. All employees of the Supplier need to ensure that they understand and follow the competition laws and policies applicable to their work.

9. Respecting Privacy 

Supplier must be committed to follow the privacy and data protection laws and regulations and respect the privacy of its employees, customers and suppliers. Supplier must collect, use and process personal data only for specified and lawful business purposes, and retain the data only as long as necessary for those purposes, all in accordance with applicable privacy and data protection laws and regulations. Access to personal data must be limited only to persons with a clear business purpose.

10. Environmental Responsibility

Supplier must be committed to reducing its own environmental impact and the impact of its operations responsibility and must have all needed environmental permits. Supplier must have an environmental management system in place following the principles of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standards or similar standards.

11.  Sourcing conflict minerals responsibly

Supplier must be committed to sourcing conflict minerals (3TG) supplied to Outotec with due respect for human rights, the need to avoid contributing to conflict, and the desire to support development through supply chain practices. Such minerals originating from conflict-affected and high-risk areas may be sourced only in accordance with existing international standards and applicable laws and regulations.

12. Sub-suppliers

The requirements of this Supplier Policy must be applied to Supplier’s own suppliers.  Supplier must make sure that it is entitled to implement audit based on the requirements of this Policy with its suppliers.

13.  Compliance with laws and regulations

Supplier must fully comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the countries where it operates. 

14.  Management System and Compliance with This Policy

Supplier must have a management system in place and the responsible company representatives nominated to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, the requirements of this Policy and Outotec’s requirements relating to the Supplier’s operations and products. Supplier must monitor compliance with this Policy, identify any areas in its business conduct which may not comply with this Policy and without delay plan and implement improvements to achieve compliance.

15.  Report to Outotec

Supplier commits to immediately report to Outotec in case Supplier suspects any acts or behavior which may be a violation of this Policy. Upon Outotec’s request Supplier must provide status report of compliance with this Policy and the related improvement actions, and provide related supporting information as may be requested by Outotec. Outotec may at its discretion conduct an audit in the Supplier’s premises to confirm the Supplier’s compliance with the Supplier Policy.

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