Graduates and students

Graduates and students represent the future, and we at Outotec believe in investing in them. We offer positions for interns, summer trainees and thesis workers.

Ambitious employees will have an excellent opportunity to influence their career paths within the company. By combining personal development within your area of expertise and developing your awareness of minerals processing and metallurgical technologies, we aim to prepare our graduate trainees for a professional role as one of our future experts.

We also participate in a number of activities that give students an opportunity to put their academic knowledge to practical use, thereby providing them with an insight into working life. We work actively with educational institutions of different levels with the aim of widening the students’ knowledge of mining and metallurgical industries and getting talented students interested in Outotec. Each year we participate in several career fairs and other student events, where you can meet us and discuss Outotec and your career opportunities.

Meet our trainees in Finland


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