Meet our employees

Have a look at the career stories our employees share.


Sami Laihanen, Mechanic in Assembly

"The best thing at Outotec is that you get opportunities to develop and to work independently. Also, the opportunities for traveling and working abroad."


Salla Selkälä, Manager in Content and Collaboration Solutions 

"The purpose of my job is to make sure that all Outotec employees can collaborate with each other, our customers and external partners as seamlessly as possible."


Jaakko Palokangas, Project Manager in global software development team

"I don't like too fixated roles, and I don't think those are useful for the organization either. I like to have a more flexible role, and I see myself as a IT handyman."


Iina Vaajamo, Metallurgist

"If you’re thinking about applying to Outotec, don’t think any more, just apply!"


Koen Aberkrom, Technical Product Manager - Beneficiation Services

"It really motivates me to work in a global role within Outotec and to deal with the different cultures and customers in each part of the world."


Raisa Kinnunen, Director - Corporate Business Control

"Outotec as a company offers great growth opportunities and development paths for different experts from different backgrounds."


Jason King, VP Sales, Minerals Processing, APAC

"I’ve had a number of jobs in the company. One lasted more than a decade and the others have been a little bit shorter. The dynamic nature of the career growth is one the most attractive things about the work here."