Written career stories

Anna Toiva, Director, Human Resources, market area Middle East

Greetings from our 44th floor office in Dubai! My career at Outotec started almost 10 years ago in Espoo, Finland, as a very eager management graduate wanting to dive deep in global human resources world. And so I have!

During my career with Outotec I have worked in our corporate HR focusing on resourcing and talent management, as a local HR in Finland, USA and Mexico, and now I’m heading Human Resources for our Middle East market area working with a very talented team. It has not been a pre-defined career path, but we have always had very open discussions with my managers regarding my development, and I believe this is the way it should be. Looking back, it all makes sense as each role prepared me well for the next one.

The experience in the corporate side in our headquarters was very useful in understanding the beauty and complexity of designing, implementing and running global projects and processes. This was the time when we were becoming fully global in HR, so for example drafting our global recruitment process, system and website, and also being its key user supporting colleagues globally gave me an excellent basis on HR process work, and built my global network and understanding of different business and cultural requirements. Since then I have truly enjoyed the local HR work and each country I have worked in, has had its own particular flavors.

After being an HR Manager in Finland, I relocated to Maryland, US, to become our Country HR there. Compared to Finland with a big HR team around, this was a very independent role where I had to quickly learn and take ownership of everything related to HR. I remember thinking that if I can make it here, I can make it anywhere!

Mexico then again taught me how the business environment can be very different, and I learned not to assume but always discuss and try to understand. I was the only non-Mexican in our office and they welcomed me with open arms, and it was amazing to develop our office culture together and build up the engagement. I understand how both countries might have been in the beginning a bit suspicious of a Finnish HR Manager coming from the headquarters, ‘what does she know about us, she doesn’t even speak our language’, so I wanted to take a lot of time to know our managers and employees, their successes and struggles and dreams. These discussions were key in succeeding in those roles.  

Here in Middle East the diversity with the 20+ nationalities we locally employ and our big projects requiring extensive global mobility and resourcing in very remote areas make it a rewarding place to be for an HR. I get to work on high level plans and projects without losing the hands-on touch with operations and employees. This year will bring many changes and I’m excited to see what the company looks like a year from now. We have an excellent team here to drive the market area forward.

I’ve seen Outotec in many countries and even though local cultures are different, it’s also amazing to see how Outotec culture is the same. We work with professionals who are passionate and proud of what they do, and we work fully globally, enjoying the cultural mix. 10 years might sound like a long time, but it’s been such an eventful, unique learning journey around the world!





Mauri Kostiainen, Hydrometallurgy Digitalization and Process Modelling Specialist, Hydrometallurgy business line

I started at Outotec as a summer trainee in 2018 and continued as a master’s thesis worker the next summer. After finishing my thesis, I started working as a Hydrometallurgy Digitalization and Process Modelling Specialist in the Hydrometallurgy business line in Equipment and Plant unit group under Metals, Energy and Water business unit.”  

Mauri Kostiainen is working with building process simulation models and developing advanced process controls. Simply said, I try to improve process efficiency by making better controls and by gaining better understanding of process behavior through simulations. Driving forward the use of virtual training simulators is also part of my job. 

Besides his daily work, Mauri has actively represented Outotec in various occasions, such as job fairs and student associations events.   

“The best thing at Outotec is the high level of expertise. We have people who are top of the line in what they do, so there’s always someone to ask help from. This is great especially for a freshly graduated engineer like meAdditionally, Outotec supports continuous learning – I have been able to take different courses that support my professional development and know-how.