The following analysts prepare research analysis on Outotec on their own initiative:

Company Analyst Email Phone
Bank of America Merrill Lynch Mr Alexander Virgo alexander.virgo(at) +44 20 7996 1221 
Carnegie Finland Securities Mr Tom Skogman tom.skogman(at) +358 50 3390 901
Danske Bank, Helsinki Branch Mr Antti Suttelin antti.suttelin(at) +358 10 2364 708
DNB Markets Mr Tomi Railo  tomi.railo(at)  +44 20 7621 6085 
Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research Ms Daniela Costa daniela.costa(at) +44 20 7774 8354
Handelsbanken Capital Markets Mr Timo Heinonen tihe03(at)  +358 10 444 2483 
Inderes Mr Erkki Vesola erkki.vesola(at) +358 50 549 5512
Kepler Cheuvreux Mr Markus Almerud malmerud(at)  +46 8 723 5163
Morgan Stanley Research Mr Robert J Davies robert.j.davies(at) +44 20 7425 2057
Nordea Markets Division Mr Manu Rimpelä manu.rimpela(at) +358 9 1655 9926
Pohjola Bank Markets Mr Henri Parkkinen  henri.parkkinen(at) +358 10 252 4409
SEB Equity Research Antti Kansanen antti.kansanen(at)  +388 9 6262 8724 
UBS Mr Magnus Kruber magnus.kruber(at) +46 8 453 7311
Credit research analysts      
SEB Credit Research Mr Lasse Rimpi lasse.rimpi(at) +358 9 6162 8716


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