Commitment to Safety

Outotec's goal for health and safety is zero harm, where everyone can go home after work safe and well every day. We always select Safety first in whatever we do, whether it's the working environment or Outotec products and services.

Outotec follows applicable legal requirements, regulations, highest safety standards and corporate policy. 

Personnel Safety

Outotec is committed to safety at all levels of business. Top management defines targets and ensures resources, line management provides processes and tools and employees are properly trained and empowered to choose safety.

Outotec's approach to safety is systematical. We have defined clear roles and responsibilities, we start everything with proper risk assessment, we document a safe way of working and ensure that every worker is competent, properly trained and has the latest safety information available.

Trust and transparency are important in safety. We expect everyone to take action when they observe an unsafe situation or behavior, regardless of whether the worker is a manager, supervisor, experienced employee, new hire or contractor.

We have a harmonized integrated management system, common procedures and global certification (ISO 45001) through the organization. We periodically assess our systems, programs, and practices for continuous improvement.

If any incident or near miss occurs, Outotec takes immediate action to identify root causes and to define preventive and corrective actions.

Product safety

Outotec has interconnected Product safety to business processes, focusing on the health, safety and environmental impacts at each phase of the product lifecycle. Our goal is to continuously innovate and improve, to offer products that best fit our customers’ needs. By using Outotec products customers can ensure the safety of the product and minimize the environmental impact of their own production.