Stakeholder Engagement

We aim to enhance transparency by maintaining continuous dialogue with our key stakeholders.

Outotec defined its key stakeholders in connection with the materiality analysis conducted in 2018. The material topics and key stakeholders are reviewed at approximately 2-3 years intervals by our Corporate Responsibility function and Sustainability Working Group.

Identifying and selecting stakeholders

In the recent review of key stakeholders, the Sustainability Working Group, complemented by business unit representatives and external facilitators, discussed and evaluated the significance of stakeholder groups using a long list of stakeholders collected by the core team. Each stakeholder group was evaluated from two perspectives, by Outotec’s impact on the specific stakeholder group, and That stakeholder group’s significance to the company’s business performance.

Based on the mapping, the most significant stakeholder groups overall were Employees, Customers, Suppliers and contractors, Investors, analysts and financiers as well as Academia and students. Local communities arose as significant in terms of Outotec’s impact on the stakeholder group, and Authorities, regulators and governments were defined as having a large impact on Outotec’s business. Other stakeholder groups defined as key stakeholders were Potential future employees, Industry associations and NGOs, and Media because of our regular engagement with them.

“Stakeholder interviews gave valuable feedback on our sustainability work”

We have not identified any stakeholder groups that Outotec would not engage with.

Our key stakeholders:

Suppliers and contractors
Investors, analysts and financiers
Academia and students
Authorities, regulators and governments
Potential future employees
Local communities
Industry associations and NGOs

Our approach to stakeholder engagement

We collect feedback from our key stakeholders through regular customer, employee and investor surveys. In 2018, we made a public web survey for all stakeholders about the topics that are most important and impact stakeholders’ decision making regarding Outotec. We also interviewed representatives of employees, customers, suppliers, investors and academia. The material topics were selected based on the survey and interview results.

We have also discussed our sustainability reporting with some investors, and their feedback has been considered when planning the report content. We have also asked our employees for feedback about the report, future themes and topics of interest in sustainability communications, using our internal social media.

To collect open feedback from our stakeholders we have a form on our website through which feedback can be submitted anonymously. In 2018, all feedback received through this form related to operational issues. Further, we have a compliance helpline available globally.

Our policies relating to stakeholders

Global Procedure for Stakeholder Engagement
HR policies
Disclosure Policy
Social media guidelines
Donation and Employee Volunteering Policy
Code of Conduct
Supplier Policy