Sustainability Agenda

Our Sustainability Agenda and goals for 2020 are aligned with Outotec’s strategy 2020. The agenda as such has not been changed although we conducted a new materiality analysis in 2018. The redefined material topics reflect very well the earlier most significant topics which continue as the building blocks of our Sustainability Agenda with slightly different names: Sustainable technologies and innovations, Engaged experts, Responsible supply chain, Health and safety, and Ethics, compliance and governance. Based on stakeholder dialogue, Financial performance was added to the list of material topics. Our annual targets are linked to our 2020 goals. We integrate the most relevant SDGs into our Sustainability Agenda.

We have analyzed Outotec’s impacts on SDGs in an internal workshop, with eleven SDGs identified as most relevant overall, and two SDGs where we have an indirect impact. Our commitment and impact analysis of the SDGs was approved by the Executive Board.

Development work driven by 2020 goals

Sustainable technologies and innovations have a central role in our operations since they represent the key means of improving the resource efficiency of our customers’ operations. Our long-term goal relates to providing customers with even more sustainable technologies and services, to help them reduce their ecological footprint, the pollution and contamination of air, water and soil (SDG 3).

In line with the goals set by the UN General Assembly, we upgrade our customer’s operations to make them more sustainable (SDG 9), while also improving energy efficiency (SDG 7). Through our technologies, we support actions to combat climate change every day (SDG 13). We also increase the efficiency of water use by reducing the amounts of fresh water needed in our processes, and by increasing recycling and safely re-using water, thus decreasing the amounts of wastewater (SDG 6). With our solutions for renewable energy, we help to make cities more sustainable by enhancing sustainable urbanization (SDG 11). In addition, we have identified an indirect impact of our partnerships with our customers, suppliers, and other business partners (SDG 17) towards two SDGs in connection with our business operations. We cooperate with universities on R&D (SDG 4) and drive technological upgrades and innovations that will improve resource efficiency in production (SDG 8).

Outotec’s business is dependent on engaged experts. We want to make Outotec the most desirable place to work in our industry, and to keep great talent with us. We aim to achieve 70% employee engagement by 2020.

Because the majority of Outotec’s manufacturing is outsourced, a responsible supply chain is highly important to us. By requiring sustainable practices along our supply chain, we also promote the wider adoption of responsible management practices, thus enabling our clients to use natural resources sustainably (SDG 12).

Health and safety are is the foundation for our work. Zero accidents is the ultimate high-level target for our development work, though this very ambitious target is seldom achieved by any company. Outotec’s management believes that this level of commitment to a safe working environment is a necessity in the challenging project circumstances in which our employees, customers, and suppliers work.

Financial performance has a great impact on our stakeholders and the company’s success. Outotec aims to achieve continuous profitable growth and balance the cyclicality of the mining and metals industries by developing and growing the service business.

In ethics, compliance, and governance, we aim to develop strong common values and a robust Code of Conduct, as well as a solid governance structure. An integral part of this goal is to ensure that all our employees and suppliers know and act according to our Code of Conduct. We have zero-tolerance for corruption. We continuously train our own employees on anti-corruption topics and require compliance from our business partners (SDG 16). Outotec implements non-discriminatory company policies and practices globally (SDG 10).

Targets For 2020 RELATED SDG
Sustainable technologies and innovations
  • Share of Environmental Goods and Services in order intake permanently over 90%
  • Customers generate 20% less CO2 when using Outotec’s metals-related technologies compared to annual baselines
  • 50% reduction in fresh water intake per tonne of ore in non-ferrous metal concentrators compared to 2012
  • Double the energy produced through our waste-to-energy solutions compared to 2013

Engaged experts
  • Employee engagement index 70% in the employee survey 
Responsible supply chain
  • 100% of our key suppliers audited regularly with supplier development actions drawn up according to audit findings
Health and safety
  • Zero accidents
Financial performance
  • Continuous profitable growth
Ethics, compliance and governance
  • Strong common values and Code of Conduct; solid governance structure