Outotec corporate values set the scene for the future

In order to gear itself internally towards the future, Outotec has strengthened and updated the company’s values in 2018. Instead of choosing a top-down approach, Outotec decided to make the reshaping of the values a collaborative effort.

The year 2018 saw Outotec inviting all its employees to take part in updating the values of the company. The forward-looking values would reflect the insights of all Outotecians and support a positive working experience within the company.

676 participants from different units and countries took part in the reshaping work. Finalized by the senior management, the work resulted in the following shared values: Care for the customer, Take ownership, Foster renewal, and Perform together. These values guide the way Outotec’s people meet each other and the customer and steer towards common goals. According to Katariina KiveläHassi, Director of Corporate Human Resources, the co-creation process gave valuable information on the company. “Even the ideas that were not fully identified as values gave valuable information about the underlying values, how colleagues feel and see the company. For example, sustainability and technology-related themes were strongly present in the suggested ideas,” says Kivelä-Hassi. The values were launched in November and translated into nine languages.


The values co-creation was not the only crowdsourced project at Outotec in 2018. Outotec has produced a new corporate video with the help of Outotec employees across the globe. The new video, fully filmed by the staff, represents the spirit and values of Outotec as a company. In the summer of 2018, Outotec invited its employees to participate in creating a corporate video that would display the world of Outotec. Over a hundred video clips were received from Outotec’s employees globally. The result is a collection of moments from around the world – a mosaic of Outotecians and the impact the company has on modern living and society.

Our target was to create a feeling of the passion of Outotec, to demonstrate our mission and technologies, and to make the viewer want to learn more about Outotec,” says Lilli Nykänen, Director, Brand and Global Marketing Communications Network. “We were extremely happy to see so many Outotecians participating in the creation of our new corporate video.”

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