Outotec's materiality assessment

A materiality assessment is a way of defining the most relevant and important sustainability topics. It guides sustainability work as well as target setting and reporting, providing a focus for actions and programs. 

In AugustOctober 2018, our sustainability working group carried out a new materiality assessment, aligned with the company strategy, stakeholder expectations, current sustainability trends, and relevant sustainability frameworks. Outotec people and stakeholders were engaged along the way through an online survey and interviews. 

The three key topics in which Outotec is seen to have the greatest impacts are Sustainable technologies and innovations, Engaged experts and Responsible supply chain. They are built on a solid foundation of three fundamentals: Health and safety, Financial performance, and Ethics, compliance and governance. 

We have also defined our most significant impacts to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and integrated these into our agenda. 

Outotec's Materiality Assessment