Always remember safety first

Safety comes first in everything we do at Outotec. We are very proud of the extraordinary safety figures we have been able to achieve since the beginning of 2019. So far, we have had only three lost time incidents in the whole global organization. The results do not come as a coincidence, we have systematically developed our safety culture, processes, competencies and performance.

Our safety culture includes:

  • Outotec management is committed to safety. Safety is always on the agenda in management meetings.
  • Management participates on safety walks during visits to Outotec locations.
  • We follow and record safety incidences across the global organization.
  • Development actions are targeted to recognized risk areas. During 2019, the focus has been on Travel security and Hand safety.
  • It’s important to us that our employees are interested and active in Safety. We learn from each other and share best practices over the organization.
  • We campaign and communicate about safety continuously.

Staying safe is a choice. Let’s choose safe ways of working and keep up the good work! Safety First – Always!

Jarmo Koskimaa,
Director of Global Health & Safety