Outotec takes part in Zero Emission Day

We are celebrating Zero Emissions Day at Outotec Espoo on September 20, by encouraging employees to use sustainable commuting choices.

The environmental impact of transport is significant because transport is a major user of energy and fossil fuels. Approximately 20% of Finland's emissions come from transport, from which road transport is by far the largest contributor. 

To encourage employees to use sustainable commuting choices Outotec has introduced a set of benefits favoring sustainable transport options.

  1. Outotec offers employees a season ticket for the Helsinki and Espoo city bikes, as well as providing a city bike parking station on Outotec premises. To promote biking on Zero Emissions Day we offer all bikers a free breakfast.

  2. Outotec supports the use of public transport with employer-subsidized commuter tickets.

  3. Employees have the possibility to charge their electric vehicles on-premises at Outotec headquarters. Also, the company car policy favors electric and hybrid vehicles.  

Besides concentrating on transport, the lunch restaurant at Outotec headquarters will participate in the Zero Emissions Day by offering a fully vegetarian menu on the day.

We believe that everyday choices made by ordinary people hold the key to reduce emissions and find more sustainable solutions.