Supplier inquiries

Outotec delivers large tailored solutions to the customers all over the world. As some 80 percent of manufacturing is sourced from external suppliers, we use thousands of suppliers around the world. Our suppliers are typically mechanical workshops, component manufacturers and local construction and engineering companies.

Contact Outotec sourcing

If you wish to become part of our supplier network, please send your company details and capability statements to

We will record your company details in our supplier database and contact you after we have identified a suitable project for you.

Supplier criteria

We build long-term and fair relations with our suppliers and want to be an attractive business partner. Key criteria for Outotec in supplier selection are technical suitability, quality, reliability, cost competitiveness and compliance with Outotec Supplier Policy. The policy covers among other things principles of ethical conduct, compliance of laws and regulations, environment, health and safety, labor relations (e.g. no child or forced labor), intellectual property, and improper benefits.

We are continuously developing our own organization and optimizing our supply chain to reach top performance in our projects.