World-class welding

Our skilled staff works with the latest technology including robotic welding center to ensure you get the highest quality workmanship.

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Machining in large scale

A large capacity of CNC guided turning, and reamer units at your service.

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Putting it all together

Experienced assembly staff with specialized skills in mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, and electrics.

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ISO 3834-2:2005

We are certified with international ISO standards for welding & QEHS

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150 / 17,500 m2

We have the people and facilities to build your machinery.

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Welding capabilities

Welding capabilities with required Welding Procedures and Welders Qualification available for carbon steels, stainless steels, copper and titanium. Capacity for carbon steel welding 16000 ton / year and stainless steel welding 5000 ton / year.

  • MAG, MIG and TIG
  • Submerged arc welding L=12000, H=5000
  • Robot welding center X=9000,Y=4000,Power source 500A
  • Robot welding center X=6000,Y=2000, Power source 500A
  • Laser welding center with robotized material handling
  • Plasma welding L=6200, PlasmaWeld 400
  • Robostudio
  • ArcQ system for On-line monitoring of welding parameters

Machining capabilities

  • Horizontal milling and Boring
    • WRD150, x=14000, y=4000, z=1800
    • WRD130, x=10000, y=3000, z=1360
    • WHQ13, x= 2500 ,y=2000,z=800,
    • WHN13, x=2000, y=2000, z=1250, W=800
    • WHQ105, x=1800, y=600, z=1250
  • Horizontal lathe - TOS SUA x=8000,dia 1700
  • CNC lathes
    • Heynumat 21U /400D 500 x 3700
    • Puma 600 XLY/740 x 5000

Painting capabilities

  • Wet painting chamber x=10000,y=6000
  • Sand plasting chamber x=18000,y=6000
  • Pickling tank 6500x3000x2850 and 13000x1000x1100
  • Sand blasting machine
  • Julkinen turvallisuustiedote - Outotec Turula (Public Security Bulletin for Outotec Turula, in Finnish only)


Spaces and lifting capabilities

  • Hall 1 2300 m2, bridge cranes 10+20 tons
  • Hall 2 2300 m2, bridge cranes 2x20 tons
  • Hall 3 2300 m2, bridge cranes 3x20 tons
  • Hall 4 2700 m2, bridge cranes 2x30+1x50 tons
  • Assembly hall 1900 m2, bridge cranes 3x30

Quality system certifications

Inspection & quality assurance capabilities

  • IWE 2
  • IWT 2
  • IWS 1
  • Inspectors Welding 3
  • Inspectors machining 1
  • SQE 3

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