Maximize yields, minimize waste

Save energy and increase plant capacity with Outotec Larox PF pressure filters for PCC filtration. Larox PF pressure filters and life cycle services for carbonates are based on our decades of experience and proven track record.

Our filters ensure a timely return on investment. They are easy to adapt to both old and new production lines and can be installed with minimal downtime, meaning the initial investment is similar to that of conventional filter.

In addition to their higher production capacity, our filters have lower running costs compared to conventional filter presses due to their lower energy, water, solid waste, and wastewater treatment needs.

Microscope - PCC

Outotec has experience in different types of PCC from aragonite, rhombohedral and stearate coated carbonates to clustered aragonite, scalenohedral and prismatic carbonates.

Increased production

  • Eliminates product loss (PCC solids) to filtrate with effective pressure filtration
  • High availability due to fully automatic operation
  • Lower moisture in cake leads to significant increase in dryer capacity
  • Process can run 24/7 without the need for regular cloth changes

Lowest possible solids load to waste water treatment

  • Automatic pressure filtration with continuous cloth results in exceptionally clear filtrate

Significantly reduced water and energy consumption

  • Reduced equipment power consumption
  • Lower moisture in cake helps cut dryer energy consumption

Improved PCC quality and consistency

  • Drier cake requires less thermal drying after filtration leading to improved product quality
  • Fully automatic operation results in a more consistent product

PF filter

Outotec Larox PF15 filter

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