After mining and sizing or after beneficiation, iron ores need to be agglomerated to be used in iron and steelmaking process steps like blast furnaces or direct reduction shaft furnaces. Outotec has the biggest installed base for iron ore sintering and iron ore pelletizing plants and offers state of the art plants and solutions for plant upgrades and modernizations and their operation.

Direct Reduction


High grade iron ores and concentrates can be used to produce DRI to be further used for steel making. Outotec offers special solutions for the direct processing of fine ores and concentrates. Target of Outotec’s solutions is the minimization of process steps required to process iron ore to DRI. All solutions can also be used to pre-reduce iron ores for subsequent smelting.

Smelting Reduction


Lower grade iron ores and alternative iron bearing raw materials (Titanium-Vanadium-Magnetites, iron sands, residues) can best be treated in smelting furnaces. Outotec offers both electric smelting furnaces and AusIron, a coal based smelting reduction process producing hot metal similar to a blast furnace hot metal for further processing. Combined with Outotec’s direct reduction solutions, energy input can be significantly reduced compared to the standalone solution.