Sulfuric Acid, Off-gas, Roasting Newsletter Issue 1 / 2019

Dear industry friends and colleagues,

Beginning 2019, I decided with my colleagues Stefan Bräuner and Jörg Hammerschmidt to launch a bi-annual newsletter of interest to the roasting-off gas-sulfuric acid value chain, as well as the sulfur burning sulfuric acid industry.

While some might consider this as yet-another-infomercial, our intention is to share our experiences from the industry in a way that is easy to use and valuable for you. We will cover a myriad of issues associated with the industry, from what is going on in the Outotec world, case studies of successful projects and new developments, as well as issues affecting the global business. In the first issue, we are covering topics from digitalization to few interesting case studies from our past projects.

As safety is our highest priority, I would like to bring up an industry wide initiative regarding hydrogen safety in sulfuric acid plants to your attention. For several years, a team of experts has been reviewing and analysing cases and providing the industry with high level recommendations on this key subject. This was truly a global initiative where technology providers, operator and industry experts came together to pursue an overarching goal: a safer industry; and Outotec is proud to be part of this since its initiation. You can find a great deal of relevant material on the matter on Kathy Hayward’s Sulfuric Acid Today website.

We hope that you find our newsletter articles useful. Should you want us to cover a specific topic, or have any other comments or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hannes Storch
Vice President, Metals and Chemicals Processing


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