Sulfuric Acid, Off-gas, Roasting Newsletter Issue 1 / 2020

Dear industry colleagues and friends,

Since our last bi-annual newsletter, our industry and the global value chains we serve have had to contend with the unprecedented effects of the coronavirus pandemic, causing many companies to limit or shut down operations.

I am sure many of you will be receiving this newsletter from your home office like I am writing it from my home, as the effects of the pandemic affect our day-to-day business operations and our own lives, with physical distancing and self-isolation becoming ever more critical.

We hope the technical content of this newsletter allows you some degree of social connection and if you have queries on these or any other technical matters pertaining to sulphuric acid, off-gas and roasting offerings, we are available to support you, albeit from our own homes.

Should you want us to cover a specific topic in the next issue, or have any other comments or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To learn about how Outotec ensures the safety of our people and continued customer support during these challenging times, please visit our dedicated website page:

Lastly, we hope you and your loved ones, friends and colleagues remain safe and healthy and with global fortitude, we will see this pandemic through, allowing us to resume a degree of normality!

Hannes Storch
Vice President, Metals and Chemicals Processing


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