Dear industry colleagues,

We are currently busy in preparing ourselves for upcoming conferences such as Symphos in Morocco, Cobras in Brazil and Sulphur in the USA, and my colleagues and I hope to meet many of you there!

In this second bi-annual newsletter we have attempted to provide a broad base of technical papers covering the industries we serve. This time around we would like to focus on “efficiency in plant operation”. Obviously, this is a very wide topic, however we see in the moment a strong interest in the market in some very particular technologies, which we cover in the following articles:

  • Roasting: presentation of Outotec’s Feed Preparation System (FPS) that ensures processing of finest material and an optimum homogeneity of the feed blend to zinc roasters;
  • Gas cleaning: discussion of issues associated with gas cleaning plant designs for smooth operation of metallurgical smelting facilities, while ensuring acid of commercial grade quality;
  • Sulfuric acid: an in-depth review of the philosophy of Outotec’s heat recovery (HEROS) system, to recover energy from the intermediate absorption system;
  • Services: a spotlight on the renewal of the long-term service agreement for catalyst screening in the acid plants of OCP Group in Morocco.

I hope that one (or more) of these articles is of personal interest to you. Feedback from our first issue has received many positive comments – we would like to hear from you all and, in particular, your feedback on the content that we should spotlight in the future editions of our newsletters. Any comments you have can be given here.

Best regards,

Hannes Storch

Vice President, Metals and Chemicals Processing


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