Dear Services Newsletter reader,

Welcome to the second issue of our Services Newsletter 2020.  In this issue, we talk about our service offering for alumina calciners, covering the following topics:

Equipment inspections

We discuss how critical equipment inspections are in terms of maximizing operational capacity by minimizing unscheduled downtime and maximizing the possible campaign life.

Plant audits

Discover how comprehensive plant audits uncover bottlenecks and how to improve process performance, production, and quality.

CFD modeling and R&D facilities

Find out how our extensive R&D laboratory and pilot plant facilities are used to verify modeling results or for test work campaigns and provide troubleshooting investigations.

Continuous improvement of calciner key spare parts

We invest continuously in our in-house research and development centers to further improve and perfect key components to ensure the continued performance of your equipment.

Modernizations and upgrades

Read more about our proven track record of successful modernizations in calcination plants, on single equipment, or complete process areas.

Holistic and integrated shutdown services for calciners

Our well-proven 12-point planning system offers turnkey shutdown scope which reduces the risk of managing multiple sub-contractors, keeping cost and budget under control.

Digital solutions to optimize the process and control of calciners

Find out how our digital solutions improve energy efficiency, reduces equipment stress, and improves long-term plant availability and stability.