Smelting Newsletter Issue 1 December 2012

Dear reader, you are currently looking at the newly revised smelting newsletter from Outotec. In 2009 we launched Flash News for the operators of the Flash Smelters. This was done in order to be able to share information and communicate more frequently and faster to the smelting community about new developments, start-ups and technology improvements.

During these last few years we have noticed that there is a large smelting community around the world applying different technologies and operation principles. Smelters are not restricted to the one primary smelting furnace. They make decisions and modernizations concerning the slag treatment, fire refining, anode casting, secondary treatment, variety of raw materials; e-scrap, nickel, lead, tin, zinc/lead residues, precious metals etc. Thus, there is a huge network of plants and people, who are hungry for know-how and want to know about applications available and already in-use. Cross-utilization of the knowledge in the fine art of smelting and also from other industries can create more sustainable and more efficient processes that can benefit all countries and economies on a global scale.

This crossover can also create a more favorable political and environmental atmosphere while the smelting community actively participates and takes into consideration latest developments in the area and looks after the social responsibility that comes from operating metallurgical plants.

Outotec has the unique opportunity to work with smelters in every continent and in many countries at the same time. All of these operations have different features, however, everybody has something in common – safety, the environment, the use of energy and efficiency in operations defines the future for generations to come. By combining our global smelting expertise in Flash, TSL, Kaldo and Auburn, Outotec can provide a new approach and make suggestions for both existing and new operations. Recently we have noticed this combination to be favorably accepted by the industry as our active projects globally have significantly increased.

Outotec wants to be able to provide some insight into the various activities that are either happening already or under development in smelting. The Outotec Smelting News will cover, but will not be limited to, at least the following: experiences from around the world in new commissionings/shut-downs, technology innovations, new developments, market information, new products, global smelting network and much more in years to come.We hope that you will find this newsletter useful, interesting and relevant to your operations. We continuously aim to improve the content, thus feedback is welcomed and can be send to

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