Smelting Newsletter Issue 1 June 2013

This year is well on its way, and while the northern hemisphere is moving towards summertime, the southern parts of the world are approaching wintertime. One of the highlights to look forward to in 2013 will be Copper 2013 on 1-4 December returning back to its country of origin, Chile ( The Copper International Conference will be a good opportunity to meet and get together with leading research and development specialists in the art of copper making from all around the world.

Outotec has provided several publications to this conference. Brief summaries have been provided for your review in advance here. We also hope to see many of you in person at the conference in Santiago, where you can hear and learn more about our new product launches and campaigns.Outotec will host a get-together on Monday 2 December starting at 7pm. We would like to invite our customers to join us for the Outotec after-dinner party. You can receive a personal invitation card to the party from or from the Outotec booth at the conference.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference and also at the Outotec after-dinner party!

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