Smelting Newsletter Issue 1 April 2014

At the beginning of each new year, some time is always spent reflecting on the previous year. In this issue we have summaries of some of the important start-ups in 2013. New Flash Smelting and Flash Converting facilities were successfully started by Jinchuan Non-Ferrous Metals Group Co. (JNMG) in Fangchenggang, China. This is now the 4th continuous Flash Smelting and Flash Converting operation in the world and shows the trend towards efficient and sustainable process technologies becoming more important selection criteria. In addition, this newsletter contains an article about the renovation and modernization shutdown in La Caridad, Mexico.

This is an example how current operating facilities can upgrade their processes to meet ever-increasing environ-mental and efficiency requirements. Grupo Mexico has kindly promised to host a visit to the recently renovated premises during the 14th International Flash Smelting
Congress. This year will mark an important milestone for smelting with 20 years of continuous Kennecott-Outotec ® Flash Converting at Kennecott, Salt Lake City, and 40 years of Outotec ® Anode casting technology. The 14th International Flash Smelting Congress will be organized in Las Vegas on 16-21 November 2014. All delegates will have the opportunity to visit the recently renovated La Caridad smelter in Mexico and Kennecott smelter in Salt Lake City. Do not miss this event.

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