Outotec Presentations Upcoming at Copper 2016

Outotec will be holding the following presentations at Copper 2016, November 13-16 in Kobe, Japan.

1. Future development opportunities for  the Outotec® Ausmelt Process.
by Jacob Wood and Stephen Hughes

2. Cathode condition based maintenance and improved quality controls.
by M. Larinkari, P. Nord and M. Schmidt

3. Outotec Copper Chloride Leaching Process for Malanjkhand copper concentrate.
by Marko Lampi, Kari Valkama and Janne Karonen

4. The future of smelting is digital - Outotec solutions.
by Jani Jansson, Peter Bjorklund, Heikki Heinonen,  Markku Lahtinen, Mikael Jafs, Kim Fagerlund

5. Developments in Dynamic process simulation software for hydrometallurgical processes
by Mikko Loponen

6. Kennecott - Outotec Flash Converting - leading the Way for over 20 years.
by Jukka Tuominen, Kari Pienimäki, Kim Fagerlund

7. Treatment of As-containing flue dust of copper flash smelter
by Jochen Guentner, Dr. Joerg Hammerschmidt, Dr. Alexandros  Charitos

8. Survey of copper electrowinning operations
by Tim Robinson, et al.

9. Performance and commercialization of novel coated titanium anodes for electrowinning.
by Tian  Zhang, Heikki  Aaltonen, Lauri  Palmu, Ron  Haines, Tim Robinson

10. Comparison of manufacturing and installation time of conventional and modular mixer-settler.
by Rami Tapio Saario,Henri Mikael Fredriksson, Tim George Robinson