Smelting Newsletter Issue 2 November 2013

Soon will be this year’s highlight, Copper 2013 in Santiago, Chile. As mentioned in the previous newsletter, Outotec will host a get-together on Monday 2 December starting at 19:00. We would like to invite our customers to join us for the Outotec cocktail party. You can receive a personal invitation card to the party from or from the Outotec booth at the conference. We hope to see you there!

Outotec would also like to welcome a new Flash Smelting family member, as the new Outotec ® Flash Smelting and Kennecott-Outotec ® Flash Converting Process have started up in Tongling, China! This is the second continuous Kennecott-Outotec converting process that has now been im-plemented in China. You can read more about this exciting development in this newsletter. Stay tuned, as our Flash Smelting family is expected to grow soon with another new member in China. 

Outotec is looking forward to a very special year for smelting in 2014, when we will mark two major anniversaries and achievements: 20 years of continuous Kennecott-Outotec ® Flash Converting at Kennecott, Salt Lake City, and 40 years of Outotec ® Anode Casting Technology. To properly celebrate these technologies, the 14th International Flash Smelting Congress in 2014 will be held in Las Vegas/Salt Lake City – invitations will naturally also be provided to all Outotec Anode Casting Technology users. 

This congress will allow the world’s leading smelting industry representatives to meet each other to discuss current technology trends and new developments. Please reserve time in your calendar during the week beginning 10 November 2014 to participate in this not-to-be missed event. If you would like to be added to the invitation list, please send your contact details to More information and invitations will follow.

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