Outotec Connected Services

Get reliable eyes on your equipment 24/7

Make informed decisions that help you improve availability, reliability, and performance with end-to-end operational visibility backed up by expert support. Our state-of-the-art remote services provide you with exactly the right level of support for your needs and include remote troubleshooting, assessment, and monitoring equipment performance, as well as remote condition monitoring of the technical condition of the equipment.

Your data security is at the heart of our services

To ensure peace of mind, you always retain ownership of your data. Information is shared within Outotec on a strictly need-to-know basis, such as with product line experts and technical services professionals who are working on your particular project.

Information security management and practices are based on ISO/IEC 27001 and 27002 standards.

Data security of Outotec Remote Services

We collect information to help you improve KPIs relating to products and equipment. Data security covers users, equipment, and the software used to process, store, and transmit information.

Our connected services aim to help customers improve their operations and maintenance through online and remote support. This is enabled by Outotec's in-house developed platform and contains three elements: connected troubleshooting, online monitoring, and expert periodic assessment. Outotec will provide these services for the duration of the service agreement. 

Online Monitoring  Connected Troubleshooting Periodic Expert Assessment
Continuous online monitoring of equipment or process performance, asset health or other relevant information. Live data, as well as historical trends, may be viewed, and notifications of changes provided. Supports the maintenance and troubleshooting diagnosis of equipment, using an online connection. It may also be based on off-line data collected and provided to Outotec as needed. Our periodic expert assessment of performance based on data gathered from the equipment or process information. Typically, monthly assessments with improvement suggestions.

Our Connected Services provide enhanced troubleshooting, through an online data collection system connected to customer's equipment.  The system is configured according to their equipment, providing real-time information for accurate decision making and proactive maintenance planning.

Connected troubleshooting, via Outotec Connected Services, reduces the time required to resolve customer's equipment-related issues, which increases equipment availability and reliability.

We also offer Periodic Expert Assessment services with a detailed report and action plan, based on collected data.  ​​​



Our connected services utilize equipment and plant data to provide the necessary services. Data requirements are agreed upon between Outotec and our customer individually based on the scope.  A precondition for connected service delivery is access to equipment and plant data with all relevant measurements through an Outotec system. 

Connectivity to plant and equipment data is one of the major deployment requirements. To ensure complete service with faster response time, always-on connectivity is recommended. With on-demand connectivity, partially connected services could be utilized at a comparatively slower response time.


Connected Service Model 

Through connected services, Outotec global product and process experts are available to solve issues requiring Outotec support. Connected service support model schematic can be seen below:

RSS_SOS_for_LTSA_draw-io (1).png

During the operational phase, these services are offered and available to our customers. Operation support center utilizes experts from the product line, technical service, service center, and data from equipment, plant, and condition monitoring to assist our customers regarding their asset health-related issues.  ​

Value & Offering

Customer Value Benefits Offering
  • High plant availability, reliability, and performance
  • Faster, improved resolution of issues
  • Prompt resolution of issues via connected troubleshooting
  • Accurate response to troubleshooting issues
  • Enhanced operational decision-making
  • Improved equipment availability and reliability​​
  • Reduced emergency site visits​
  • End-to-end operations visibility with online monitoring, periodic expert assessment, and connected troubleshooting
  • Continuous optimization and improvement
  • The right level of support to suit every customer needs ​

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