Outotec® Online Monitoring

Online Monitoring is a service designed to optimize customer operations and maintenance. Through continuous live views and performance tracking, customers can track and monitor the performance of their equipment and processes online. This service requires always-on connectivity, providing alerts, analysis in terms of trends, and a basic level of automated reports. Asset Analytics, an Outotec designed tool is available for live viewing of equipment, process, and plant performance and progress. Customers can access Asset Analytics to monitor performance and basic automated reports to review the process performance and the performance of the desired process KPI's.

  • Operate equipment and process in a safe and optimal manner
  • Maintain and optimize production with up-to-date data on equipment and process condition
  • Enhanced operational decision-making
  • Faster identification and follow-up on equipment and process issues
  • Reduces skill shortage-related risks in remote locations

Optimize plant availability, reliability and ensure high plant efficiency with peace of mind throughout the service life of your equipment

Identify potential equipment problems before equipment failure to minimize unplanned downtime and productivity losses.