Outotec ​Upgrades

Boost your performance

Restore and enhance your operational performance with our comprehensive portfolio of equipment and technology upgrades. We can help you update and modernize your aging Outotec equipment or retrofit other supplier brands to help you benefit from the latest technology innovations.

By upgrading, you can keep your existing process equipment running efficiently and reliably while extending its lifetime. With modernization, power consumption can be reduced, fewer manpower hours will be needed thanks to increased automation, and unscheduled downtime will be minimized – all leading to decreased operating costs.

We offer everything from basic hardware upgrades to full turnkey modernization

You can easily select specific technology packages to address your most urgent needs, or we can create a comprehensive solution for your entire process. Our service experts will offer full support to design and secure the best outcome.

Typical drivers for upgrades include:

  • Outdated technology
  • Poor metallurgical performance
  • Frequent mechanical failure
  • Ore or process changes
  • Plant expansion
  • Drive to improve resource efficiency
  • Stricter safety requirements
  • Use of non-optimal equipment

Our selected Upgrades

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