Outotec® FrothSense Sensor System

Receive consistent information from your flotation process 24 hours a day. The Outotec FrothSense Sensor System measures essential properties of froth appearance, including froth speed, direction, bubble size, froth stability, and froth color. It also provides statistical data related to these variables. Froth property measurements, together with on-stream analyzer assays, enable efficient and robust strategies to be put in place for advanced flotation process control, using a system such as Outotec ACT.

  • Provides consistent information for operators to control and optimize flotation processes
  • Helps stabilize the process using froth properties in process control
  • Enables fully automatic operation and consistent performance
  • Offers convenient monitoring with live video streaming from the froth cameras to the control room
  • Features simple installation, operation, and maintenance

Real-time measurement of several essential froth properties

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