HSC Dia – H, S, Cp, G Diagrams Module

The diagram module presents the basic thermochemical data for the given species in graphical format.

Eight different diagram types can be drawn as a function of temperature:

  • H Enthalpy (total)
  • H Heat Content
  • S Entropy
  • Cp Heat Capacity
  • G Gibbs Energy
  • DH
  • DS
  • DG (Ellingham diagrams)

The basic steps for drawing a diagram for all types is almost the same, except for a small difference with the DG diagrams.

The DG diagrams (Ellingham) show the relative stability of various oxides, sulfates, chlorides etc. These diagrams must contain only the same type of substances, such as oxides, sulfides, chlorides, etc. The species amounts must be balanced to contain exactly the same amount of the main element, such as oxygen in oxides and sulfur in sulfides.