Outotec® Waste-to-Energy plants

Turn waste into power with Outotec's robust waste-to-energy technology. Our proven solutions generate valuable energy from variable wastes, ranging from municipal sources such as SRF, RDF, construction and demolition waste, to commercial and industrial wastes and a wide variety of agricultural wastes.

  • Works even with difficult fuels, e.g. those with a high moisture or ash content    
  • Offers the possibility to use fuels over a large range of calorific values, from 8 to 30 MJ/kg    
  • Boasts minimal emissions and low carbon in ash, with over 99% carbon burn-out    
  • Ensures compliance according to local regulations, such as the EU WID (Waste Incineration Directive)    
  • Eliminates bottom ash, with only clean, ready-to-recycle, non-combustible material from fluidized bed