Outotec Larox® RT-GT gas-tight filter

Take advantage of extremely high product availability for your food, pharmaceutical, and biotech applications with the Outotec Larox® RT-GT gas-tight filter (formerly Pannevis filter). These filters represent the leading method of continuous solid-liquid separation for solvent wetted materials under a fully inert atmosphere. The completely enclosed and sealed design can process almost any solvent-based product, while operating under a continuously re-circulated blanket of nitrogen or other inert gases.

  • Offers extremely high product availability
  • Requires very little maintenance with low operating costs
  • Ensures a long cloth life with continuous cloth washing and a patented cloth tracking system
  • Enables a long filter lifetime thanks to the robust construction and wide selection of materials
  • Reaches fully automatic operation, not just automation of function, eliminating the need for constant supervision