Outotec® Electrically Heated Anode Copper Launder System

Achieve a long service life and lower life-cycle costs with efficient, low temperature operation. The Outotec® Electrically Heated Anode Copper Launder System offers a fully automatic, low energy consumption solution. Since all copper runs out of the launder and the launder is empty at the cast end, there is minimal skull to be remelted. The quality and recovery of the cast copper improves as less reject anodes are produced at the cast start.

  • Offers low energy consumption: <10 kW/m    
  • Has a fully automatic, silent operation, with no operator interference needed    
  • Provides a longer launder life as the launder is insulated, so always hot    
  • Eliminates risks from propane    
  • Always ready for casting    
  • Minimizes fugitive gas emissions even during casting, and they can be easily captured    
  • Increases flexibility:        
    • Has a flexible layout: the length of the electrically heated launders is not limited
    • Operates with low inclination            
    • An additional anode furnace may be constructed on the same elevation as existing ones.            
  • Offers savings in AF operation:        
    • Lowers start temperature in casting, as there is less temperature loss in the launder            
    • Increases furnace lining lifetime due to lower furnace operating temperature