Outotec® Arsenic Removal Process

Benefit from efficient and reliable arsenic removal. The Outotec arsenic removal process manages arsenic in process and effluent streams with straightforward precipitation. The process consists of a ferric arsenate precipitation stage followed by neutralization using lime milk. This cost-effective solution provides the high level of process reliability necessary for the treatment of toxic arsenic.

Our arsenic water treatment solution helps reduce environmental impact and produces a stable residue based on globally available, cost-effective iron and calcium chemicals and oxidants.

  • Brings high process reliability    
  • Improves environmental quality and stable residues    
  • Increases safety    
  • Generates water that meets environmental regulations    
  • Offers process guarantees and tailoring through on-site water testing    

Environmental benefits:

  • Optimizes chemical consumption and water recycling    
  • Controls arsenic discharge into the environment